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Denial of License for the Central Interstate Compact Proposed Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility, Boyd County , NE.   

Mr. Lappala served as the principal hydrogeologic consultant and expert witness for the State of Nebraska in litigation regarding the denial of the license application.  Responsible for:  Developing independent conceptual and simulation models of the occurrence and movement of groundwater in the vadose and saturated zones; Documenting and demonstrating the presence and frequency of occurrence of the watertable relative to disposal facility components; Documenting and demonstrating the occurrence of groundwater discharge from shallow groundwater systems within the disposal facility boundary; Assessing the adequacy with which the applicant integrated site characterization and performance assessment modeling; Assessing the adequacy with which the applicant considered reasonable hydrologic and hydrogeologic bounding case scenarios for performance assessment’;  Developed and presented time-lapse visualizations of groundwater discharge  on a weekly basis for the eight year period of record using water level observations in piezometers and monitoring wells; prepared expert reports; and presented testimony in open court regarding these issues.

Cost Allocation Testimony, Clare, Michigan Site. 

Mr. Lappala provided expert testimony in case involving multiple potential sources of groundwater contamination of a municipal well field.  Preparation for testimony included extensive review of existing data collected by multiple consultants to the parties, integration of that in formation using a Geographic Information System, and three-dimensional groundwater flow and flowpath modeling. (Performed for previous employer). Client: Illinois Tool Works.

Cost Allocation Modeling.

Mr. Lappala provided guidance using a quasi-three-dimensional finite element flow and transport model to design most economically efficient aquifer restoration programs for an industrial site in Santa Clara County, California.  Performed analytical and numerical modeling to demonstrate relative contribution from multiple parties contributing to a complex, multi-aquifer groundwater contamination site.  (Performed for previous employer). Client:  Raytheon Semiconductor

Waste Disposal Facility Siting License Testimony, Louisiana.

Testified as a qualified expert witness on issues of groundwater flow and chemical transport.  Successfully demonstrated that the site as designed would not result in any adverse impacts on groundwater or surface water.  Site is located behind levees in the floodplain of the Mississippi River at an elevation lower than the mean river stage.  Site operating license was issued as a result of this testimony.  (Performed for previous employer). Client:  Genstar-Briscoe-Maphis.


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