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Response to Notice of Violation, Brantley Service Station, Aurora, NC

Conducted Limited Site Assessment and Free-Product Recovery Studies in response to a settlement agreement on a notice of violation between site owner and the NC Division of Water Quality.  Retrofitted monitoring wells that had been installed by a previous consultant to allow more efficient free-product recovery.  Managed Aggressive Fluid-Vapor Recovery actions. Client: Hooker Oil Company

Natural Attenuation Decision, Industrial Site, North Carolina

Served as the principal technical reviewer for project that was successful in obtaining Monitored Natural Attenuation as the approved remedy at a complex site in Research Triangle Park.  Site strategy included demonstrating through extensive data analysis and visualization methods that attenuation was being accomplished as a result of the combination of restricted flow paths in fractured, Triassic rocks and a series of reductive de-halogenation processes. (Performed for previous employer).  Client: Bristol Meyers-Squibb.

Negotiation of Favorable Administrative Order on Consent, Pennsylvania. 

Project manager and client advocate for the successful negotiation of a AOC that codified the results of a successful limited-scope investigation for a site contaminated with chlorinated solvents in fractured bedrock to depths of 400 feet, the presence of NAPLs, and contamination of an adjacent steam.  Site investigation and negotiation successfully integrated the requirement to coordinate and manage stream channel improvements performed by a contractor to the local municipality because the stream sediments were impacted by groundwater discharge from the site. (Performed for previous employer).  Client: Allegheny Teledyne Inc.

Semiconductor manufacturer, Mountain View, California -

Project manager for remedial investigation at a semiconductor-manufacturing site in Mountain View, California.  The project included a soil gas investigation; underground tank, sump, and pipeline evaluations; installation of multiple-level monitoring wells; borings; chemical analysis; and con­taminant hydrogeologic analysis. (Performed for previous employer).  Client:  Confidential

Landfill Investigations, Pima County Arizona.  At two landfills in Pima County, Arizona, managed groundwater study to determine relative contributions of three sources of pollution and to recommend cleanup procedures. (Performed for previous employer).  Client:  Pima County, Arizona
California Groundwater Contamination Sites. Defined extent of contamination, evaluated present and future movement, and designed and implemented methods to clean up aquifers at various California sites contaminated by volatile and semi-volatile compounds.  (Performed for previous employer). Clients:  Confidential
Major Utility Compliance Project.

 Technical consultant for project planning and review to help major California utility achieve regulatory com­pliance.  Work included vadose zone and groundwater investigations to evaluate integrity of ponds.  (Performed for previous employer). Client:  Southern California Edison

Major petroleum Refinery. Provided technical consulting services to bring major southern California petroleum refinery into compliance with regulations.  Project involved evaluation of leakage from raw crude and refined product storage tanks and distribution systems. (Performed for previous employer).  Client:  Mobil Oil Company.
Underground Tank Regulation Consulting. Prepared alternative regulations for vadose zone and groundwater moni­toring for Assembly Bill 1362 (Sher Bill) and presented them to California Regional Water Quality Control Board.  Project involved evaluation of technical feasibility of proposed regulations, and produced more economi­cal monitoring methods for vadose and saturated zones.  (Performed for previous employer). Client:  Western Oil and Gas Association

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