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Central Interstate Compact Proposed Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility, Boyd County , NE.

Mr. Lappala was the principal hydrogeologic consultant and expert witness for the State of Nebraska in litigation regarding the denial of the license application.  Responsible for:  Developing independent conceptual and simulation models of the occurrence and movement of groundwater in the vadose and saturated zones; Documenting and simulation of recharge at the site using fine-time-scale modeling of the vadose zone; Documenting and demonstrating the presence and frequency of occurrence of the watertable relative to disposal facility components; Documenting and demonstrating the occurrence of groundwater discharge from shallow groundwater systems within the disposal facility boundary; Assessing the adequacy with which the applicant integrated site characterization and performance assessment modeling; Assessing the adequacy with which the applicant considered reasonable hydrologic and hydrogeologic bounding case scenarios for performance assessment’;  Developed and presented time-lapse visualizations of groundwater discharge  on a weekly basis for the eight year period of record using water level observations in piezometers and monitoring wells; prepared expert reports; and presented testimony in open court regarding these issues. Client: Collier Shannon Scott PLLC

Comparative Site Analysis, Utah

Performed  a comparative analysis of hydrologic and hydrogeologic site licensing issues evaluating a proposed low-level 11-E2, and NORM waste site with an existing site.  Client: Envirocare of Utah

Assessment of Hydrologic and Fate and Transport Modeling, Utah

Project manager and principal consultant for a review of all past licensing activities relating to the hydrologic characterization and fate and transport modeling for an existing disposal site.  Provided recommendations for additional hydrologic and modeling assessments that would be needed for site to accept additional waste categories and waste forms. Client: Envirocare of Utah

North Carolina Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility, Wake County, NC.  

Principal technical consultant responsible for assessing past unsuccessful technical and regulatory negotiation approaches to licensing a disposal site for low-level radioactive waste in North Carolina under their obligation to the Southeast Compact Commission.  Recommended significant changes to previous technical approach, project management, and regulatory negotiation strategy. Assigned to lead a multi-consultant team responsible for implementing these recommendations and negotiating a successful consensus work plan.  All parties acknowledge this approach to be the best, most cost-effective method ever developed to prepare this complex License Application.  (Performed for previous employer) Client: North Carolina Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Authority


Ward Valley Site License, California.

Principal technical consultant for the site selection, characterization and preparation of license application for the California Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility.  One of the principal architects of the approach assisted with site selection, characterization, and the required monitoring vadose zone monitoring plan.  Prepared numerous technical position papers during the project, and provided testimony to technical review panels and the California Legislature.  Designed and supervised tasks including detailed characterization and modeling of the poten­tial transport of radionuclide species in the vadose and saturated zones, gas phase transport, and field demonstrations of transport processes.  (Performed for previous employer) Client:  U.S. Ecology


Nation-wide Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities. Provided consultation and review of experiments, and reports, on low-level radioactive waste disposal sites including Beatty, Nevada; Sheffield, Illinois; Maxey Flats, Kentucky; West Valley, New York; and Barnwell, South Carolina.  (Performed for previous employer) Client:  U.S. Geological Survey.


High Level Civilian Nuclear Waste Disposal Program Responsible for review of all hydrological studies and reports for evalua­tion of suitability of area for high-level radioactive waste disposal at Gulf Coast Salt Domes and Atlantic Coast Piedmont granitic plutons locations. Evaluated and redirected computer modeling studies of regional, near-field, and repository-scale hydrological transport systems.  (Performed for previous employer) Client:  U..S. Department of Energy.


Fate and Transport Research. As research hydrologist, performed basic and applied research relating to occurrence and movement of water, solutes, and heat in unsaturated zone.  Activities included:  (l) computer modeling of multidimensional systems to describe simultaneous movement of water, heat, and solutes in variably saturated systems; (2) design and execution of laboratory and field experiments for heat and moisture movement relating to problems of radioactive waste disposal and groundwater recharge in arid and semiarid areas;  (3) writing and documenting computer program for automatic identification of aquifer contaminant transport parameters from single-well tracer tests;  (4) computer modeling and field measurements of evapotranspiration from shallow water tables; and  (5) direct measurement and modeling of recharge under different vegetation types.  (Performed for previous employer) Client:  U.S. Geological Survey

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