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Assessment of RCRA Cost Liability Basis, Catalytica Pharmaceuticals, Greenville, NC

Analyzed all previous studies for 8 SWMUs at a large pharmaceutical company and provided recommendations as to the owners potential liability in cost recovery from the previous plant owner.  Prepared custom interactive Environmental Geographic Information System driven by a custom database populated with all historical data as an aid in the liability assessment.  Client: Solutions, IES

RCRA Facility Investigation, Calvert City Kentucky.

 Provided site investigation and remediation strategy for one of the largest RCRA RFI sites in the county at a chemical manufacturing facility in Kentucky.  Responsibilities included formulating site conceptual models and designing data collection programs to confirm these models.  RFI activities were designed to consolidate as many RCRA SWMUs as possible under the CAMU concept to minimize site investigation and remedial costs. (Performed for previous employer). Client: Elf Atochem.

RFI, Raleigh, NC.

 Provided technical strategy and implementation planning for a site with multiple SWMUs involving soil and groundwater contamination. (Performed for previous employer).  Client: Square D Company.

Nationwide TSD Facility Audit Program. 

Technical consultant and investigator for a nationwide program of periodic audits of RCRA-permitted TSD Facilities to assure industrial clients that these facilities were operating and had operated in a manner that did not result in risk to generators from disposal of their regulated wastes. (Performed for previous employer).  Clients: Confidential.

Program Assistance:

Provided technical consulting and review to EPA for implementation of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).  Work involved review of applications for variances to requirements for groundwater monitoring and technical changes to regulations. (Performed for previous employer).  Client:  A.T. Kearney.

No-Migration Petition, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad, New Mex.

Technical reviewer to assess the adequacy of the petition in addressing groundwater transport pathways as well as gas generation from mixed radioactive and hazardous waste proposed for disposal at the facility.  (Performed for previous employer).  Client:  A.T. Kearney.


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