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Environmental GIS to Assess RCRA Cost Liability Basis, Catalytica Pharmaceuticals, Greenville, NC

Analyzed all previous studies for 8 SWMUs at a large pharmaceutical company and provided recommendations as to the owners potential liability in cost recovery from the previous plant owner.  Prepared custom interactive Environmental Geographic Information System driven by a custom database populated with all historical data as an aid in the liability assessment.  Client: Solutions, IES

GIS System for Mining and Manufacturing Complex, North Carolina

Develop a comprehensive decision support system to assist in the management of information required to track daily mining activities and environmental compliance information for a large phosphate mining and manufacturing complex in eastern North Carolina.  Project includes use of ArcView(TM) and Visual Basic front ends to  Microsoft Access and SQL Server databases.  Client: PCS Phosphate.

Development of corporate-wide Environmental Management System.

Principal consultant for a large, multi-company, multi-site manufacturing client.  Developed the initial planning tools and approaches used with the client to create an Environmental Management approach that was tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the corporation, division, company, and plant.  Working with the client, Mr. Lappala developed an approach and systems to capture the following information:  baseline waste generation, waste characterization, waste emission, and regulatory compliance requirements.  This system is being used across all business lines and corporate levels to minimize environmental costs and manage change in products, processes, and regulatory requirements.  In cooperation with this client, the information management tools developed for this program were combined with other environmental information management tools developed by under Mr. Lappala’s management and third-party vendors into a flexible set of programs that can be readily adapted to address the needs of other clients that wish to institute Environmental Management Systems that are conformant with ISO14000.  (Performed for previous employer). Client: Allegheny-Teledyne, Inc..

Decision Support System, Charleston, SC Naval Base. 

Managed a team to assess information management needs and preparation of integrated Geographic Information System as a tool for base personnel to use as a decision support system during site cleanup and base re-use activities.  Key elements were the construction of a GIS that maximized the use of a wide variety of disparate data sources, the inclusion of graphic, text, and image data, and the implementation of the system on the existing base network system. (Performed for previous employer). Client: U.S. Navy, SOUTHDIV/NAVFAC.

Regulatory Negotiation System, Southeast Compact Disposal Site.

 Developed and managed a system to provide concurrent access to very large datasets and geographic information system data coverages to regulators and interested public stakeholders during site licensing activities for the proposed Wake Co., NC Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Site.  The system was constructed using an Oracle™ database running in a client-server environment, ArcView™ and ArcInfo™ as the geographic information system., and  wide variety of three-dimensional data visualization and flow and transport  simulation models. (Performed for previous employer). Client: North Carolina Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Authority.


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