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Our mission at Eagle Resources is to provide the regulated community with solutions that enhance your ability to manage environmental issues  in a manner that is consistent with your business constraints and priorities.  We deliver on this commitment by the application of seasoned professional judgment, use of appropriate technology, and effectively communicating your solutions to regulators and other stakeholders.   
We provide Site Closure, Environmental Due Diligence,  and Environmental Management System Services:
  • Site Closure
    • North Carolina Inactive Hazardous Sites REGISTERED ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANT
    • Regulatory Strategy Development and Implementation
      • Leveraging State-Lead Regulatory Programs
        • Multi-Site Cleanup Agreements
        • Integrating land use and property value in remedial strategies
        • Site-specific, risk driven remedial strategies
    • Environmental Liability Valuation
    • Innovative Closure Options
    • Performance Assessment and Management of your Remedial Contractors
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • We are experienced in assisting clients with the due diligence process necessary during property transactions.  We are particularly experienced with multi-site transactions for large industrial clients. We provide the following services.
    • Acquisition and Divestiture Support
    • Portfolio Valuation
    • Integrated Development and Remediation Options
  • Environmental Management Systems
    • Environmental Information Management
    • Environmental Business Process Modeling
      • Modeling and Decision Analysis
        • Multi-media fate and transport models
        • Environmental Business Decision models
        • Uncertainty Analysis  

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