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Mr. Lappala has worked at more than 25 Superfund sites including:  Woodlands; Tucson International Airport Area; Advanced Micro Devices; Fairchild; GATX Annex Terminal; IBM; Intel; Moffett Naval Air Station; McKesson Chemical; Purity Oil Sales; Raytheon; Signetics; Stringfellow; Teledyne Semiconductor; TRW Microwave, Inc.; United Heckathorn Co.; Lowry Landfill; Marshall Landfill; Rocky Mountain Arsenal; Woodbury Chemical; Acme Solvents; Kane and Lombard Street; Times Beach; Chemsol; South Valley;  and Wasatch Chemical (Lot 6).

The following project descriptions provide examples of Mr. Lappala’s Superfund site experience:

Cost Allocation Modeling.

Provided guidance using a quasi-three-dimensional finite element flow and transport model to design most economically efficient aquifer restoration programs for an industrial site in Santa Clara County, California.  Performed analytical and numerical modeling to demonstrate relative contribution from multiple parties contributing to a complex, multi-aquifer groundwater contamination site. (Performed for previous employer). Client:  Raytheon Semiconductor

Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Denver, Colorado - Principal investigator for construction, calibration, and use of finite element groundwater flow and contaminant transport models.  Project manager for design and implementation of groundwater sampling protocol and moni­toring programs.  As the principal investigator, assisted in developing model of groundwater system.  Consultant on problems related to offsite migration of pesticides and products related to chemical weapons manu­facture.  Managed 3-year project defining contaminant sources in support of litigation and remedial action planning.  (Performed for previous employer). Client:  U.S. Army.

Semiconductor facility, Mountain View, California - Project manager for remedial investigation and operable unit feasibility studies at 100-acre site with multiple contamination sources, plumes, and aquifers.  (Performed for previous employer). Client:  The MEW RI/FS Group.

RI/FS, Santa Clara, California. Project manager for remedial investigation/feasibility study in Santa Clara County, California.  Project included a soil gas investigation, the installation of monitoring wells, an aquifer simulation, a contaminant hydrogeologic analysis, and design of groundwater control and treatment systems.  (Performed for previous employer). Client:  Confidential

Boulder, Colorado - Project manager for development of work plan and review and oversight of EPA contractors for remedial investigation/feasibility study.  (Performed for previous employer). Client:  Confidential. 

Times Beach, Missouri - Project manager for hydrogeologic and geotechnical investigation of dioxin contamination.  (Performed for previous employer). Client:  CH2M Hill.

Tacoma Tar Pits, Commencement Bay, Tacoma, Washington - Project manager for investigation of site, including sampling waste, groundwater, and surface water.  (Performed for previous employer). Client:  CH2M Hill.

Petroleum facility, Fresno, California - Project manager for remedial investigation at Purity Oil Sales, Inc., site.  (Performed for previous employer). Client:  California Department of Health Services.

South Valley, Albuquerque, New Mexico - Consultant for hydrogeology and modeling for solvent-contaminated groundwater to assess impacts on Municipal well fields.  (Performed for previous employer). Client:  van Waters & Rogers.

Acme Solvents, Rockford, Illinois - Consultant for initial hydrogeology, field investigations and evaluation of interim remedial measures.  (Performed for previous employer). Client:  Acme Solvents Steering Committee.

Lowry Landfill, Colorado - Technical consultant for a remedial investigation/endangerment assessment/feasibility study at the Lowry Landfill. Responsibilities included design and consulting on groundwater and contaminant transport modeling.  (Performed for previous employer). Client:  The Lowry Coalition.



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